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What can I say about my Beloved? My innermost Being. My most intimately known Self. Who is closer than my heartbeat, closer than my breath, who is everpresent, never apart... But who hides Herself behind the shapes of this world...


The outer eyes can not see Her, but with inner vision, She smiles at me from wherever I look.


She is the mother - MA!

She is the creative energy of the universe - SHAKTI!

She is the Divine Feminine - DEVI!


She is known by the 1000 names of the Sanskrit hymn LALITA SAHASRANAMA, but in fact, each and every name, every word, every sound IS Her!


She is the substance of the universe in the form of vibration - the entire spectrum from the grossest to the subtlest is Her.


She is the Beloved Consort of Shiva, with whom She is in eternal embrace. In fact, Shiva and Shakti, consciousness and creative force, are one and the same. From this unity, She births the universe and BECOMES it.


She is LALITA - the one who PLAYS in this world!

She is the dance of creation and He is Her witness.

Looking at Her He recognizes His own Self!


She is all the Goddesses. All the powers of nature and all the benevolent forces in life that drive us towards awakening.


In the words of Ma Anandamayi, who is considered as the physical embodiment of Devi, when She was asked "Who are you?": "I am whatever you say that I am."

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