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Yoga of the Tantric Goddesses

Saundarya Yoga is the practice of becoming aware

of our Oneness with Devi in her many forms.

In the Ancient tantric Traditions

the whole material universe was seen as Mother.

Everything that exists has been birthed by Shakti, the creative lifeforce.

Therefore everything IS the Goddess Herself.

Devi, the Mother of the Universe has countless forms and manifestations.

In Saundarya Yoga we work with the

DASHA MAHAVIDYA - the ten great Wisdom Goddesses.

And with the

NITYA DEVIS - the 15 Moon Goddesses, representing each day of the lunar cycle.


Through Saundarya Yoga we experience the qualities of

the specific Goddesses in our own body and consciousness.

Tantric Goddesses

We let ourselves be guided by the great Goddesses of the tantric and Vedic traditions of ancient India.

They are natural forces and functions that exist universally, independent of their anthropomorphic form and cultural make-up.

Therefore it is not a question of "believing" in them or not.

As they ARE the very world in which we live, and it wouldn`t be able to function or even exist without these principles, it is more a question of BECOMING AWARE of them!

Ultimately, each of them is a representation of the ONE Divine Mother, leading us by the hand on the path of Self-realization.

Each Devi is an entry door to expanded awareness, to Oneness with All.

Each Devi shows us a specific way to liberation
- from limited awareness to boundless freedom and bliss.


Let us be aware that the knowledge of the Tantric Goddesses is extremely precious and potent.

The spiritual seeker needs a certain maturity to receive it deeply. That is why the traditional way to transmit knowledge has been directly from teacher to student. Only a highly accomplished master who has reached Self-realization is qualified to give initiation and guidance. It is an intense path that requires utmost dedication from the disciple - hours of daily practice, courage, perseverance, and complete surrender.

To honor the traditions we need to be aware of the fact that our practice is a very mild, gentle form, adapted to our capacities. It can not be compared to the transformational intensity and depth that is generated with a purely traditional sadhana.

In a modern setting, people are by no means prepared for such an unconditional one-pointed commitment and intensity of practice.

And yet, in this day and age, we need these wisdoms more than ever!

The potential of
Saundarya Yoga

Saundarya Yoga offers you the chance to become familiar with the Devis in an approachable way.

For each of them there are specific practices, to experience these Shaktis within yourself and as forces of nature.

Great focus is laid on truly grasping the deeper esoteric meanings of each Devi as universal natural laws governing our life and spiritual path.


As much as possible purely traditional practices are used, others have been adapted to be safe and suitable for our capacity, again others are more free and experimental. But all of the practices are very carefully chosen to enable you to have an authentic experience and understanding of the great Devis.


You will learn kriyas, mantras, mudras, some asanas, meditations to connect with each Goddess and keys on how to remember Her in your daily life and activities. A traditional practice unfolds its transformational power when it is practiced continually.


Together we meditate, sing, move, dance and pray!

Are you ready?

If you have never practiced yoga before it is strongly recommended to first learn the basics of Hatha Yoga.

You can do this in a joyful and meaningful way - in the form of the

Online Course "Preparing the Temple" or in the form of 1 on 1 sessions.


For your best possible benefits, it is also very helpful to be familiar with

the practice of the 5 Elements, the Pancha Mahabhuta.

For that, you can join a SWAKRIYA YOGA Online Workshop or learn in the form of 

1 on 1 sessions.

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