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Japa Malas

Japa Malas
for Devi Mantra Practice

What is required for sincere practice is a loving heart, a deep inner longing and a one-pointed mind.

But certain simple tools can be of great support on the way.

The traditional way of practicing Mantra meditation, "Japa",

is with the help of a Mala.

A Mala is not only a tool to help us stay focused on the mantra and keep track of how many repetitions we complete. It is also a sacred object, that carries a certain energetic charge.

The more we feed into it, the more it helps us stay in the vibration of our practice.

Every Mala is dedicated to one of the 10 Wisdom Goddesses, the Dasha Mahavidyas.

Each Mala is handmade while repeating the Mantra of the Devi with each bead that is knotted into the string. It means you will receive a Mala already activated for its purpose.


Although all the Malas you see here are esthetically pleasing, they are not mere "jewelry".

They are designed to serve the original purpose of repeating the chosen mantra with joy, inspiration and one-pointed awareness.

Every mala has the traditional number of 108 beads plus one Guru bead.  The stones are carefully chosen to best support a certain Bhava when working with a Goddess.

The times you don`t use your Mala you can keep it in a protected place (e.g. on your altar), or you can wear it around your neck or wrist. In that way it will remind you of practicing throughout the day.

Gift Vouchers


You want to share Devi`s Blessings with a loved one?

A Gift Voucher makes a beautiful present!


All gift vouchers can be used for any offer that is currently available through this website.

You can choose a certain amount, like 30, 50 or 100 Euro, or any other amount...

But you can also choose a specific purpose, like a Hatha Yoga Course,

or a Gemstone-Mala.

Have a look at the suggestions below, but you can also order an individual gift voucher.


You can choose for the empty voucher to be sent to you, for you to fill it and hand your gift over personally. Or you can have me fill it and mail to the receiver of your gift directly.


Send me your message with your idea.


Japa Mala of free choice

Voucher Price:

81 Euro (incl. shipping)

Your friend can choose their prefered Mala directly in the Online Shop.


3 Hatha Yoga


Voucher Price:

45 Euro

Participation in the Online Group Class on Mondays 18:30 - 20:00 (CET)


Sunday Satsang Series with Gurusharanji

Voucher Price:

90 Euro

Participation in the Online Satsang Series on Sundays 10:00 am. Please check the current program for details.


Hatha Yoga Course, 8 weeks

Voucher Price:

90 Euro

Participation in a 8 weeks Hatha Yoga Course, Monday 18:45 - 20:15


Voucher Price:

30, 50 or 100 Euro

This voucher can be used for any of the Devi`s Daughters Offerings found on this page.

Please note: The vouchers do not have an expiry date and they can be used for any program or product available through this page at the time of redemption.  The price of the vouchers can not be refunded. It is up to the receiver of the voucher to make use of it. If a voucher has not been used for the intended purpose and the given event or program is no longer offered, the value of the voucher can be used for any other offering available through this page. You want to make sure the receiver of your voucher owns a suitable device and internetconnection.

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