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Ayurvda Consultations

Ayurvedic Nutrition -

Individual Session

Know your individual constitution (prakriti) that you were born with, your unique blueprint that is your state of health & balance.

Discover what is your current or longstanding imbalance (vrikriti) that might be causing you health issues, and learn how you can use food as medicine and adjust your eating habits in a way that they will support the individual needs of your body to re-establish your unique balance of doshas.


Vedic Astrology Consultations

Know your Birth-Tithi & Nitya Devi

Know the lunarday on which you were born and learn the specific qualities it brings into your life and personality.

The lunarday of your birth is also ruled by a Nitya Devi, one of the 15 Moongoddesses.

This knowledge can help you to understand yourself, your emotions, challenges and oportunities for growth more deeply.

Your Nitya Devi can become a guiding light on your life's path, especially if you wish to practice her specific Sadhana.


Jyotish Consultation to look at certain areas of your life

Most people have certain areas in their lives where they experience struggles and obstructions. This is the human condition. We are all here to learn specific lessons, evolve and come closer to the realisation of our true Self.

A vedic birthchart is like a mirror that lets us see ourselves with greater clarity and understanding. It shows us the karmic patterns that are active in our life and gives us ways of working with them.



Vedic Lifestyle Counceling
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