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The vision of Devi's Daughters is to be a platform for spiritual seekers,

to have access to powerful practices that help us remember our

Divine nature

through the love for Devi, Shakti, the Universal Mother, the Goddess...


My deepest desire and my offering is to share the experience of Oneness with the Divine

in celebration and overflowing joy.

To be a Sadhika
to find strength within

A 'Sadhika' is a woman ('sadhaka' for men) dedicated to her Sadhana - her spiritual path and practice.

The aim of Sadhana is experiencing the pure and simple Truth, the state of Freedom and Bliss, the Self - luminous Being that we have always been and will always be.

The process of Sadhana is to peel away all those layers of conditioning, of illusions and false beliefs about the world and ourselves that keep our perception clouded. Our pure perception gets clouded when we believe that we are this body and the thoughts in our mind, and the emotions passing through.




This is a path that requires courage and dedication,

but the Love for the Divine makes all things possible!

When you are willing to be Her child, She will be your Mother,

removing all obstacles.

To be in Satsanga
to find strength in togetherness

"Sat-sang", to come together ("sangha") in the name of the highest Divine Truth ("Sat"), to share, inspire and support each other is one of the most inportant ingredients on the spiritual path.


No doubt. For sadhana, it is indispensable to have time by ourselves.

We need solitude to dive deep within in meditation, in contemplation, to discover the ONE who resides in our hearts!

But just as important as being alone is to be in Satsanga, meaning to be in community with like-minded souls, in existential Truth.

When we get distracted from our path, a real friend is one who reminds us of who we really are.

When our practice runs dry we receive fresh inspiration from each other.

When we are going through tough times we give each other encouragement and consolation.

We are here for each other to share joy and pain, to practice, to grow,

to walk together, to dance together!

Let's celebrate and share our recognition of inner Oneness!


As Daughters of the Divine Feminine,

let us birth Awakened Consciousness into the world!

To be Devi's Daughter

means... live in the knowing that nothing exists outside or seperate of the Divine.

Everything is Shakti, Ma! And She is the very consciousness that you are. know that no matter what challenges

you are facing you are loved, you are guided, you are held save. trust that everything that needs to happen will happen and that whatever is not supposed to happen will not. Everything follows the natural law of karma, which ultimately leads all to Oneness. be aware that the cause of suffering is always the false identification with ego, the belief in our seperate identity. know that this outer world is a fleeting expression of the eternal source of limitless Beauty and Joy! live in this beautiful temporary body fully aware of

your eternal nature as the Goddess.

Jai Ma!

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