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"Preparing the Temple" Online Course

"Preparing the Temple"

Online Course

Available soon!

For the modern spiritual seeker, Saundarya Yoga is an advanced practice. When we work with the Wisdom Goddesses and even with the 5 elements, we build on certain basics from Hatha Yoga.

This course is designed to not only teach you the basic yoga techniques needed for Saundarya Yoga, but it is also a wonderful set of practices to come back to again and again, to maintain our body-temple in a well-tended state.

Our body is the temple in which we encounter the Goddess!

How would you prepare the chambers in which a queen which your Beloved resides?

In this course we take care of the very basics of our temple....we prepare our body physically, energetically and mentally for the most important relationship of our lives....the one with our own Divine Self.

You will learn​

  • the most useful Asanas (yogic body postures) to keep the body strong, flexible and subtle

  • the most central pranayamas (breathing exercises) to recharge life-energy and to consciously work with the breath

  • the role of food for our inner state

  • knowledge of the 3 main Nadis (energy channels) and their function for our consciousness

  • how to relax deeply, the art of Shavasana

  • first steps in meditation

  • a simple practice program for every day

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