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Step into the temple


Sundarua Yoga
Workshop Series, Vienna 2020:

Saundarya Yoga &

Women Temple Circles

... goes online!

This is for you if....

  • You are on a spiritual path in search of deep universal truths?

  • You feel a love for this universe and the Divine?

  • You want to experience the essential feminine energy in many facets?

  • You want to experience the joy of female connectedness? Being nourished, being held and supported by sisters...

  • You want to walk the spiritual path together with a circle of like-minded women over a period of 5 months?



On 5 Sundays from May until October, we come together to share precious practices.

You will be introduced to the tools of Saundarya Yoga for your personal sadhana at home.


In the weeks between the workshops, each woman has the chance to integrate and practice for herself. You will receive practice-inspirations by e-mail once in a while that will help you to stay on track.

We will hold WOMEN TEMPLE CIRCLES to support our Satsanga, strengthen our community, our sharing, mutual trust, and sisterhood. We also have the opportunity to stay in touch over a Facebook group and support each other in daily life.


24th May



The path begins with Kamala Devi, the Divine principle of the Beauty of creation, harmony, gentleness, and abundance - comforting, nourishing, soothing, enchanting.


21th June

image (1).jpg


...and leads us to Matangi Devi, the unhindered expression of creative power. She encourages us to give voice to our intuition. Authentic and free of social conventions, to be an instrument of Divine creative energy.


12nd July

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After exploring the outside world, the spiritual path makes us realize that introspection is necessary. That the essential can only be found within. Baglamukhi makes us keep still - to let go of thoughts, stories and fluctuations and to taste the pure being in silence.


13th Sep.

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There is no one who does not know Dhumavati Ma. She is the Goddess of severe trials, suffering, and loss. She is coming into our life to increase our devotion and free us from illusions. She leads us through the dark night of the soul.


4th Oct.

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When Bhairavi comes into our lives, we have the determination, clarity, and perseverance to finally follow the path of our heart. Without doubt and distraction we build up the concentrated power that leads to transformation.

What you will be given

  • An in-depth understanding of the Shakti, the specific Goddess, Her qualities and subtle functions

  • A set of specific practices to awaken your awareness of the Goddess in your own Being and in the world around.

  • Mantras and Meditations to invoke Her in your experience

  • Practices to hold and enhance this awareness during daily life

  • Practices and Prayers to the 5 elements as support

  • The joyful experience of sacred women circle with free movement/dance, self-inquiry and nurturing, respectful touch

  • Access to Devi's Daughters FB group

  • Practice suggestions by e-mail

A few things required from you...

  • to have a little bit of experience with meditation

  • to have been on a spiritual path / the path of your heart for some time

  • to be familiar with basic yogic practices like Sun Salutations and Breathing Exercises

  • to have sound mental health, to be free of the use of mind-altering drugs or medications

  • to be willing to take responsibility for your experience


To get the most out of this specialized course, ideally, you are familiar with Swakriya Yoga - the Yoga of the 5 elements. This is the basis that Saundarya Yoga is building on.

Therefore it is highly recommended to take this course together with the Swakriya Yoga Workshop Series taking place on Saturday of the same weekend.


To encourage you to take both courses, a combination package (Saturday 5 Elements, Sunday Saundarya Yoga) is available.

As the program is being shifted online....


10:00 - 13:15 h 

  Prayers, Mantras, Chanting

Talk about the Goddess

Specific Saundarya Yoga Practice

Inspiration for Home Practice


16:00 - 18:30 h

Women Temple Circle


Devi's Daughters Workshop Series

Includes: practice motivations by e-mail and Facebook group

EUR 360

Individual workshop days

If it is not possible for you to be present at all the Workshops,

you can book individual dates in advance.

 Anyhow it is highly recommended to experience all the Workshops,

as they are building on each other.

Try to start with us in the first Workshop.

81 Euro

Combination package

Saundarya Yoga builds on the Swakriya Yoga practice of 5 Elements.

Those who are familiar with Swakriya can immerse themselves more easily and deeply in Saundarya Yoga!

If both practice systems are new to you, I would like to encourage you to attend both workshops.


Swakriya is on Saturdays, Saundarya Yoga on Sundays!

A weekend dedicated entirely to your Divine Self.


DD Saundarya Yoga Workshop - Series

+ Swakriya Yoga, 5 Elements Workshop - Series

600 Euro

Girlfriends Price...

If you want to encourage a dear friend who does not know my work yet to participate with you, you both pay -9%.


Discounted seats in case of financial difficulties...

Depending on the number of participants, I can offer a total of 2 -3 strongly discounted places. If it is not possible for you to participate at the normal price, please send me a message.

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