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Things I personally use in my daily life and practice

Neti is one of the Shat Kriyas, the purification practices. Not only does in cleanse the nose from accumulated dust, pollen and mucus, and let`s us breathe more freely, it also gives a very gentle stimulation to the third eye nerve plexus.

A suitable meditation cushion is very important, so that you can keep your spine upright while being relaxed.

I find this half-moon shape most comfortable.  If you need more support, you will also find higher cushions...

A meditation shawl from a natural material not only keeps us warm, when we do our daily meditation sittings, it also gives a sense of protection. Our own natural energy stays contained. My personal preference is white, as it represents pure uncoloured light, while containing all colours within itself. But there are other colours available.

Yoginis (and Yogis) feel the subtle effect of food on mind and body. They also know the importance of keeping regular eating times. This is why they often like to bring their own homecooked food wherever they go. This traditional Tiffin comes very handy, it has 3 different sections....usually for rice, dal and vegetables...

Yellow, split Mung Dal is a staple food in ayurvedic medicine. It is highly nutricious, while being easily digestible. It balances all 3 Constitutions and can be eaten by everyone on a daily basis. It is also suitable as a fasting food in the form of Kitchari. It also has a very satisfying, harmonious taste...

Ghee is considered one of the purest, most sacred substances. It is used in ayurvedic cooking in the place of oil. It works as a medicine and enhances digestion without creating heat. It is able to permeate deep into the cells to support the absorption of nutrients, as well as detoxification.

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