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Kefalonia Yoga & Ayurveda

Hatha Yoga Group Classes

- Yogic Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)

- Sun or Moon Salutations

- Body Postures (Asanas)

- Guided Deep Relaxation

Wednesday 10:45 - 12:00 /  Lourdata Trifilli


Rooftop Meditations

- seated practice with the 5 elements (Kriyas)

   gentle movement, breathing techniques & mantra

- silent meditation

- Mantra Chanting

Monday 20:00 - 21:00 / Mihata-Omala


How to register:

Send me a message on signal, telegram or viber 00436766036013
or call me on 00306983357973
at least 24h before the class

Private Sessions of Yoga & Bodytreatments

Private Classes (in English or German)

- in the comfort of your Villa

- or at my rooftop in Omala

Choose your session:

-> Hatha Yoga 90 min
     including Breathwork, Asanas and guided deep relaxation

-> Meditation 60 min
    including preparatory exercises like breathing exercises

-> Breathwork 60 min
    including preparatory exercises and guided deep relaxation

--> Traditional Tantric Seated Practice of the 5 Elements 75 min
     balances energy system and emotions, connects you to
     your inner Self, the Divine and Nature.



Body Treatments

-> Ayurvedic Full Body Massage "ABHYANGA" 60 min
     a traditional oil massage that nourishes the tissues while
     supporting detoxification, grounding and calming the mind.

-> Ayurvedic Face, Head & Shoulder Massage 30 min.
    a deeply relaxing oil massage that leaves you feeling
  refreshed and rejuvenated

-> Shiatsu 60 min
    Japanese manual treatment that is practiced on a floor mat on
   the dressed body. Gentle stretches and mobilisations, and steady
    pressure along the meridian lines release blockages and promote
  a balanced energy flow. A deeply relaxing full body treatment.

-> Balinese Oil massage 60 min
    a full body oil massage with long strokes and slow rhythmic  
    movement, going deeper into the muscles


Authentic Yoga at your Villa
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