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Ayurveda, Basis of Yoga & Medicine of the Future

Would you also sometimes like to see through your body and mind and be able to recognise what is needed to be in balance?

Life is a constant search for this balance, this state of harmony - with your own soul and its deep longing...

With the individual path, the so-called Dharma...

In harmony with the people in our lives...

With nature and with the whole universe....

This is what Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine and science of life, can support us with.

Do you know this experience when your inner guidance suddenly speaks to you with surprising clarity and a new path opens up before you?

That's what happened to me this spring. And because there was such a great clarity in it, I also asked myself why it had made itself felt just now and not much earlier. It's amazing how eventually everything falls into place. Not everything at the same time, but one thing after the other.

Things take time to ripen. And then even the planetary constellations in the birth certificate show the opening of a new chapter in our life's path...

Indian astrology - "Jyotish" (from "Jyoti"/ light, that which makes us see) is also one of the Vedic sciences and arts, which are closely linked to Ayurveda and Yoga. It shows which physical constitution, which weaknesses and strengths, and which Dharma, which dutyand calling a person has.

Anyway, in May I suddenly began to perceive the call of Ayurveda very clearly. The signs kept showing up with great clarity and in the most unexpected and random ways. At times it left me perplexed as to how the universe found ways to rub my nose into the idea that it was time to start studying again...

Was I really going to study Ayurveda, become a herbalist and a naturopath? In my heart there was total clarity, but the mind did not want to believe it and needed confirmation. So I asked Gurusharanji to check my birth chart to see if this was really what I was meant to do, and if I was even fit for it.

He confirmed that everything pointed to this path. Those planets with the greatest connection to healing and the plant world are prominent and the ability to recognise connections both analytically and intuitively is obviously given. I asked several times whether he was really sure and whether he had not overlooked something that would speak against it? But he did not have a single objection.

And so I began to research training courses and schools, comparing contents, course times, prices and experiences. After a few weeks it became clear which school it should be. The financial feasibility, however, was a big question mark. But something in me was convinced that there would be a way.

Ayurveda is not new to me. I started studying Ayurvedic nutrition in my early 20s. When I was 30, I did was received training in Abhyanga, Ayurvedic oil massage, at the clinic in Kerala/India and in Austria with the well-known Ayurveda experts Hans and Irene Rhyner. At that time I was working as an ayurvedic massage therapist and Shiatsu practicioner.

I had trained in Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and although I always loved holistic medicine, I missed the spiritual dimension in the teachings. It was somehow not complete. And so Yoga came into my life.

For the last 13 years, Yoga and traditional Tantric philosophy and practice have been the absolute centre of my attention. Ayurveda as a sister science was always present in the background, but only now did the call come to really dive deep into it and study this system of medicine comprehensively. As sister sciences, Yoga and Ayurveda are connected with each other on all levels. What I missed in TCM then, I now find - a seamless interweaving of medicine and consciousness.

One morning as I sat for my meditation and mantra practice, feeling the balancing effects of the daily oil massage and the Ayurvedic diet I had started with renewed enthusiasm, and I had a profound realization. It might sound obvious, but for the 1st time I realized the gravity of the impact Ayurveda can make for the spiritual practice.

When one adopts an Ayurvedic lifestyle to support health and balance, the subtle substance called "Ojas" increases, and we can feel this in that we experience happiness without any reason, relaxation, serenity, confidence and the deep sense of joy and nourishment. In one word - we are in balance and we rest in our nature.

Practising meditation, japa, puja, pranayama or yoga with this starting point is something quite different. The practices become incomparably more effective and have a much deeper impact when the body is in a harmonious state. When we are not fully at ease in body and mind, we have to deal with much more resistance and friction and it is much more difficult to go beyond both. And please don't get me wrong, life is always in motion and a constant perfect balance is unrealistic. It's not possible. And sometimes it is the situations of intense pain and suffering that can free us from our mental prison all of a sudden.

But chronic, long-lasting imbalances, which in most cases we have even somehow become accustomed to, significantly reduce our quality of life and ability to be fully aware and live our full potential. The body as a stable, healthy foundation can greatly facilitate our souls path to liberation.

So I feel everything falling into place. I have always felt a great love and fascination for plants and herbs and it fills me with great joy to now be able to study herbal medicine in depth.

And when I look at the current state of humanity, it seems clear to me that Ayurveda as the science of life and nature is the lifestyle and medicine of the future. I want to contribute to people being able to "manage" their own health responsibly and consciously, to trust their bodies and nature, being familiar with the lunar, solar and seasonal cycles, and living in respect and harmony with nature. This is my vision.

I want to be able to support you as much as possible on your path of life. With your sadhana as well as with your health. And so I am starting an online training to become a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and herbalist, which includes a full clinical training. It comprises 1600 hours and is to be completed in a period of two and a half to five years.

It is worth 18 000 euros. Fortunately, I have received a partial scholarship, which makes it easier for me. Nevertheless, it is a big commitment of money and time, and my resources are very reduced, especially after the last two years. Therefore, I have decided to turn to the community for support, and have opened a Fundraiser on Facebook. If you find my vision inspiring and worthy of support, I would be superhappy aboiut your contribution. No matter how small, it makes it a little easier for me and fills my heart with gratitude.

If you are able and willing to give 100 Euro or more, I can offer you an Ayurvedic consultation (or more depending on your contribution) as a thank you as soon as I have acquired the necessary knowledge. At the end of the first year of training the practice will probably start.

Thank you for your time and attention. I wish you the greatest possible health, fulfillment and contentment.

Lokah samasta sukhinu bhavantu

May all beings be happy!

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