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Bhairavi Mala

Bhairavi Mala


Bhairavi Devi represents the fire of our focused intention. She is the archetype of the yogini, one-pointed in Her sadhana and firm on Her path. She has left all doubts and distractions behind.



Coral, Gold Rutile Quarz


(please note: In order to protect the coral reefs it is forbidden nowadays to source live coral, which is naturally red. The coral used instead is harvested after it has already died naturally - at that point the coral is white, and it is later painted with the typical red tint.)



    Your Mala is made especially for you upon ordering. As material costs and production time involved are quite high I cannot offer you returns and/or refunds.

    The materials used are very durable. If you use your Mala for the intended purpose, that is for Japa Meditation, and don't expose it to harsh conditions like water, heat, cold, strain ect... it should last for many years. If you wear your Mala on your body on a daily basis, especially around the wrist, the string might break at some point.


    When you contact me with your ordering request please also leave your shipping adress. I will get back to you with the cost of packaging and shipping depending on the location. After receiving your payment I will get your Mala ready for you.

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