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What is our true home?

From the luxuriously designed, spacious stone villa overlooking the sea and the sunset, I have now moved to a small, simple cottage house with not quite straight door jambs, a much smaller but fully functional kitchen and with simple but charming furniture. There is a large open fireplace which gives me hope that I will be less cold next winter than the past one. There is also a rooftop, which is surrounded by 2 olive trees for privacy and shade, which is wonderful for yoga practice, meditation and stargazing.

I think it is the first time I am living in a house that is not exposed to "light pollution". No street lights. No neighbours with patio lights. At night it is indeed dark. Only in the valley can you see the lights of streets and houses. My nervous system breathes a sigh of relief and gratitude. What's more, it's quiet. What I hear are birdsong, the rustling of leaves in the wind, the cries of birds of prey, the crowing of roosters and the occasional church bell.

My new home is on the mountainside of a wide valley in the centre of the island, which is not very frequented, because everyone wants to be near the beaches and towns... And yet, from here everything is easier and quicker to reach by car than before. There is the large church and the monastery, which were built on the site where the island's saint once had his cave and performed in a way it is the heart of the island. On Sunday mornings, as I myself sit in my puja and meditation, the chants of the monks travel up to me....

I feel I have arrived (perhaps for the first time). Here I can imagine staying. My feeling of happiness and the inspiration with which I do my spiritual practice here show me my true needs. I don't need a big house, on the contrary. I need a place that supports my yoga practice, and I have that here. Simplicity, peace, humility and nature.

The little space in the house forces me not only to be creative to accommodate everything well, but also to be very tidy, which is not necessarily my strong point. Besides, I can really only have those things here that I really need. I realise how much more I value each item in my possession.

And immediately the feeling of attachment, of holding on and fear of loss sets in. "How long will I be able to stay here before I have to search again?" "I wish it was mine." "I wonder if they'll sell it."

But within days of my moving in, construction begins in the back lot. A house is being built. Gone are the peace and quiet. And, if, like most "civilised" people, they want proper outside lights, then it will probably be over with the soothing, all-enveloping darkness.

After the first shock, for which I needed a day to process, I had to smile inwardly. Ma (the universal mother) is taking away my toys, which prevent me from placing my trust and security solely in her, faster and faster. She reminds me at every turn to let go and that nothing in this world is permanent or perfect. True home is not on the outside, it is on the inside. And so I let myself fall again, into Her arms, Her guidance.... Whatever I have is Her gift, whatever I lose She takes away to give me something better, more appropriate....

Speaking of possessions, I still owe you an update regarding the beautiful, seemingly ideal property I wrote to you about in the last newsletter. First of all, thank you for your feedback, suggestions and offers.

After talking to several civil engineers and lawyers to find out with 100% certainty whether I would be allowed to build on this piece of land, it turned out, after much back and forth and going round in circles, that you can only know for sure when you already own the land and have the building permit in your hands. Then comes the archaeological assessment, and since it is clearly an archaeological zone, there is a high risk that not even temporary structures might be allowed.

As beautiful and attractive as this spot is, it would be a gamble for which I lack the nerve and the capital. A pity, but that is not to be.

And despite all the obstacles and the apparent lack of opportunities, the original vision in me is growing stronger. Especially in these days of deepened, inspired meditation practice with the 5 elements and the tantric moon goddesses....

A place for yoginis (and yogis). A place for deep practice. A sacred place. Protected and welcomed by nature and the elements. Nothing commercial, nothing grand.

Who knows what the plans of the universe are. At the moment, it seems to be primarily to give me time and space for my own practice and to teach me devotion and trust. And even though there are always difficulties, restlessness,

challenges and uncertainties, I feel it growing, the inner joy and peace...

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